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Surrogacy can be a beautiful, accessible, and realistic option for intended parents who cannot conceive traditionally. For most, it begins with many questions and often concerns. Since there are no federal laws in the US that offer protections for surrogacy, questions related to parental rights and those of the surrogate often jump to the top […]

Surrogate “twiblings” are a growing phenomenon in the surrogacy world, and they are becoming an increasingly popular option for intended parents who want to have more than one child. Here, we’ll explore the concept of twiblings, the process of twiblings surrogacy, and why some intended parents choose to have twiblings rather than traditional twins. WHAT […]

Surrogacy is a life-changing experience for intended parents and surrogates alike. The key to a successful surrogacy journey is open communication and strong trust and understanding between the surrogate and intended parents. This means being transparent about your expectations, limitations, and concerns. It also means being a good listener and showing empathy towards the intended […]

When you decide to pursue surrogacy to expand your family, you may be flooded with questions. It’s common and a good sign! Surrogacy is not a decision to be entered into lightly, and it’s incredibly important to educate yourself – both as the intended parent(s) and prospective surrogates. Of all the questions we get at the Surrogacy […]

WHAT MAKES UP A SURROGATE MOTHER’S COMPENSATION? As a potential surrogate, you have a right to know as much as possible about the gestational surrogate cost or average pay for a surrogate. That includes knowing what factors influence your compensation package. WHAT MAKES UP A SURROGATE MOTHER’S COMPENSATION? Three general categories make up what ends up being […]

Surrogacy is a wonderful option for people who want the experience of raising children but can’t have children by traditional means. With that said, it’s fair to say that surrogacy costs can run pretty high. If intended parents are willing to go the IVF surrogacy route, success rates will undoubtedly be top of mind. At […]

Here at the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, we’ve seen a number of key changes that seemingly make the process a more viable option for both surrogates and intended parents. For many, surrogacy felt far out of reach for anyone other than celebrities or the wealthy. Now, surrogacy is more accessible than ever, and as a […]

In a world where some very deserving individuals and couples can’t have children by traditional means, surrogacy becomes a grand act of kindness. It becomes a grand act of kindness by the surrogate mother who gives of her time and body to make other people’s dreams come true. So it seems fair that surrogates are […]

For the most part, pregnancies with multiples are a natural phenomenon. In other words, a woman will end up with multiple viable embryos in their womb quite by chance. Most of the time, the parents are shocked but accepting of the fact they are going to have twins or more. Similar situations occurs with surrogate […]

Most of the conversations regarding surrogacy in the USA focus on the benefits and financial aspects of the process for the surrogate mother. At the other end of the spectrum, the conversation focuses on how intended parents can make their dreams come true with a surrogate baby. What gets missed many times in these conversations […]


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