Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia

Preparing Your Finances

The average cost of a surrogacy journey is around $87,000.  That is assuming you already have embryos ready to transfer into a gestational carrier.  While we provided a comprehensive budget for you after an initial program consultation, most Intended Parents still need help putting together their finances for their journey.  Did you know there are […]

Why is there a waitlist?

Finding a qualified surrogate is no easy feat.  However, it seems to be taking longer than ever to get matched.  Pre-pandemic, Intended Parents waited an average of six months to be matched in our program.  Unfortunately, these timelines have extended to a year or more for some families.  So why the wait? LESS APPLICANTS Since […]

What Is a Surrogate Mother?

In a perfect world, any woman who wants to have a baby by natural means would be able to have a baby by natural means. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world as evidenced by the fact that 12% to 15% of all reproductive-age women are facing some form of fertility issues. Fortunately, we […]