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Becoming a surrogate is an incredible gift.  Surrogates in our program are fairly compensated with this in mind.

Surrogate compensation in Surrogacy Center

Base Surrogate Compensation

First Time Surrogates: $40,000

Experienced Surrogates: $45,000+

Surrogate compensation

Additional Allowances You Receive

  • Embryo Transfer Compensation: $1,000 per cycle
  • Monthly Misc. Allowance: $250 per month
  • Maternity clothing allowance: $500 – $750
  • Wellness Bonus: $250 per month
  • Medical Insurance: 100% coverage of premiums & copays
  • Invasive Procedures: $500 per procedure
  • Multiples Fee: $5,000 per additional fetus
  • Cesarean Section: $3,000
  • Lost Wages: 100% coverage
  • Childcare & Housekeeping with Bedrest: 100% coverage
  • Breastmilk: $250 per week + supplies
  • Term Life Insurance Policy: Valued at $500,000+
  • Loss of Organs Insurance Policy: Valued at $10,000



Additional Benefits

In addition to the above compensation package, surrogates in our program receive the following supports:


  • A personal case manager throughout your journey that attends critical appointments and the birth.
  • Nutritional support, including health coaching during postpartum recovery.
  • Financial counseling to ensure that you reach your financial goals and use your compensation wisely.
  • Psychological counseling during and after your journey, with additional support available as needed.
  • An independent attorney to review your contract with you and answer any questions you may have.


All financial surrogate compensation is detailed in your gestational carrier agreement. You will receive your surrogate compensation monthly, by direct deposit, from a professionally managed, fully insured escrow account.


Whether you are an Intended Parent or a Surrogate, we know you will have questions and concerns. That is why we make communicating with us easy and convenient. We also have an extensive partner network of professionals to support you. We work hard to make sure you are confident and informed throughout the process.

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what is gestational surrogacy

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is a method for having a child for individuals and couples. Intended Parents work with a gestational carrier who becomes pregnant using embryos created with: (1) the intended mother’s ovum or donor ovum, and (2) the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm. The Gestational Surrogate has no genetic relationship to the baby. She is simply the oven for a very precious bun!

intended parents


Absolutely.  You will be presented with profiles of families that are interested in you.  If you are interested in matching with them, we will set up a facilitated meeting.  Only after that meeting (and several other conversations), will we declare you matched if all parties agree.


We offer competitive compensation packages and highly personalized support for surrogates in our program.  Our coordinators attend appointments, are responsive by phone and email, advocate for your needs, and are present at the birth.  We also have surrogate only social events like luncheons and playdates for families in our program. Finally, unlike larger national agencies, we don’t expect surrogates to travel far.  Most of our clients reside in the Greater Philadelphia area and are working with local fertility clinics.

Surrogate compensation how much is it

How will I get paid?

All your compensation is clearly outlined in your gestational carrier agreement (the contract you sign with your intended parents).  Your compensation will be held in an account with a professional escrow firm. Every month, you will receive compensation from that account by direct deposit.  You can login anytime online to see what compensation has been paid to you and what is still due.

Will I have out of pocket expenses like medical copayments?

No.  Your Intended Parents will pay for all expenses associated with your surrogacy journey.  This typically includes insurance premiums, medical copayments, and childcare costs. These are separate reimbursements on top of the compensation that you receive for being pregnant.

Will I have to travel?

Not very far.  Unlike large national agencies, we work with clinics in the Greater Philadelphia area.  It is rare for surrogates in our program to travel. We recognize that it is challenging to travel, especially when you have your own family to care for.  If you do have to travel, all of your expenses will be covered.

How to Become a Surrogate

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