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From finding the perfect surrogate to reviewing insurance claims, we are a full-service agency.  We offer more than simply matching intended parents with a healthy gestational carrier.

We can help you to become intended parents!

Although creating your family through surrogacy is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we help our intended parents every step of the way.

What does comprehensive service at a great value look like? It is more than matching you with a healthy gestational carrier. We provide all the following agency services for you, at no added cost:

  • All Attorneys Fees for Gestational Carrier Contract
  • Personal Financial Advisors for Grant Assistance & Budgeting
  • Surrogate & Partner Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Surrogate Criminal Background & Credit Check
  • Medical Records Review
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Clearance
  • Medical & Specialty Insurance Review & Coordination
  • Escrow & Billing Coordination
  • Travel & Appointment Booking
  • Birth & Post-Delivery Support (including Hospital Coordination)

Ready to start your journey?

We would be honored to help you.  We know that your story has had heartbreak, but we’re here to take the next steps by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Surrogates in our program have undergone comprehensive medical, psychological and background screening. Our agency fees cover all of the following:

  • Local, state and federal criminal background checks
  • Credit and financial background check
  • Medical records review
  • Insurance review
  • Testing and evaluation by an independent psychologist who is familiar with the issues surrounding surrogacy

Our team will present you with pre-screened candidates that match your preferences.  We will facilitate a meetup before you make a commitment to any surrogate in our program.

Will I be in contact with my surrogate?

Good communication is key to a healthy relationship.  We will never match you with a gestational carrier who has different values than your family or differing preferences on important issues like communication. We encourage Intended Parents and Surrogates to communicate directly.  We also attend appointments and keep you updated throughout your pregnancy.

Can I become a parent if I’m single?

Can I become a parent if I’m single?

Absolutely.  We have worked with many single parents.  We can help refer you to outstanding local donor programs and clinics to create your embryos before finding you a wonderful surrogate to complete your family.

How much does surrogacy cost?

We believe in financial transparency.  Our agency will provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on your circumstances, in conjunction with the clinic of your choosing.  Our agency fee is $21,000 and is divided into three reasonable payments.  

On average, a complete surrogacy journey costs around $90,000.  We are proud to offer financial advisors to help all our families apply for grants and scholarships, discount programs, and identify other funding options.

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Please complete our inquiry form at the bottom of this page.  We will provide you with an information packet on our program and set up a consultation.  If our waitlist for matching is open, we will have you complete our intake forms and matching profile so we can find you a great surrogate. The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia believes in giving our Intended Parents and Surrogates highly personalized care and consideration, therefore we limit the number of cases we take on each year.


The surrogacy process can be divided into ten steps. On average, the process takes twelve to fifteen months.

#1 Consultation

The surrogacy process begins with a comprehensive consultation either in person, over the phone or by online conferencing. We will discuss the surrogacy process with you in detail and answer any questions that you might have.


We will have you fill out our intake forms and complete a matching profile to find out what type of gestational carrier you are looking for (ex. first time vs experienced carrier, views on abortion/selective reduction, amount of contact).


You will be sent gestational carrier profiles for review based on your stated preferences.  If you would like to get to know a candidate further, we will facilitate a meet up between all parties.


If you are ready to proceed and would like to match with the surrogate we have presented to you, we will then have you sign our agency agreement and provide us with your first milestone payment.

#5 Contract

You will enter into a contract with your gestational carrier. The contract clearly outlines expectations of each party throughout this process, as well as financial obligations. We will arrange for attorneys to work with you and your gestational carrier to review the terms of the contract.  Attorney fees are wrapped into our first milestone payment. You will not be billed separately for contracts.

#6 Escrow Account

When your contract is signed, you must deposit a certain amount of your gestational carrier’s compensation into an escrow account. We work closely with an independent, licensed and insured escrow agency to make sure that your money is well-protected and your gestational carrier receives her compensation on time.

#7 Medical Protocol

All gestational carriers in our program have already undergone medical records approval and psychological evaluations. Your clinic will now schedule additional medical evaluations to prepare for the transfer, including, but not limited to: saline ultrasounds, hysteroscopies, and/or a mock cycle.  The clinic will then give the gestational carrier a embryo transfer cycle protocol to follow. The cycle will be monitored via bloodwork and ultrasounds. Embryo transfers usually occur between 4-6 weeks after starting medications.

#8 Pregnancy

Hopefully the first embryo transfer will result in a successful pregnancy! The clinic will perform at least two two blood tests to confirm your pregnancy. At four to six weeks gestation, a fetal heart rate is confirmed via ultrasound.

#9 Parental Rights

During the fifth month of your pregnancy, an attorney will work with you to complete the necessary paperwork to obtain parental rights. The attorney will file the paperwork with the family court to have a pre-birth order issued. After the baby is born, the birth certificate will show your names on your child’s birth certificate.

#10 Birth

We will help you create a birth plan that clearly outlines expectations for all parties involved in the delivery. We will also work with your delivery hospital and provide any legal documentation, insurance and financial information that they require. An agency representative will be present during and after the birth to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and your baby goes home with you. We will also conduct follow up visits with your gestational carrier and you in the weeks following birth.

Find a Surrogate and Build Your Family

Please note that our waitlist for matching is currently closed. However, we would be happy to send you information and provide a comprehensive consultation explaining the entire surrogacy process in great detail. Whether you decide to join our program at a later date or would like to gain confidence about taking the next steps in your family building journey, please fill out the form below so we can connect with you.

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