The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia was started out of the desire to offer Intended Parents and Surrogates in the Greater Philadelphia area something different.  We believe that family is personal, and you deserve the best process we can offer: in-person support, financial transparency, open and honest communication. The surrogacy process can be overwhelming.  It is our job to walk with you on this journey, providing expertise and compassion.

Meet Our Team



Andrea entered the world of assisted reproduction over twenty years ago as a three-time egg donor. The experience profoundly impacted her, and she maintains contact with her recipient families to this day. In 2008, she founded the Hawaii Surrogacy Center. Over the next ten years, Andrea established strong working relationships with every fertility clinic in Hawaii, as well as nationally and internationally renowned legal professionals specializing in family and assisted reproductive technology law. Upon relocating to the Philadelphia area with her family (it is her husband’s hometown), colleagues encouraged Andrea to establish a local sister agency, following the same highly personalized, successful approach that resulted in Hawaii Surrogacy Center being the leading provider of surrogacy services in her home state. Andrea is honored that so many Intended Parents have trusted her team to help complete their families. She is excited to bring this same service to the Greater Philadelphia area. Andrea is a graduate of Questrom School of Business at Boston University and the Maryland School of Public Policy. She is married to an Army veteran, has two girls and lives in Manayunk.



Rebekah helps Intended Parents through the application process and have a great start to their surrogacy journey. She is a 2x gestational carrier and wonderful addition to our team. Rebekah spent her whole life in central Arkansas until meeting her husband at 17 and moving to Georgia. She has lived and traveled all over the United States. Ten years of marriage has brought her family 3 wonderful children and 2 fur babies, a cat and a dog, who literally fight like cats and dogs! Don’t be surprised if you find her sporting a pair of Mickey ears, as all things Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars are her favorite pastime! Rebekah’s passion for growing families and love for supporting Intended parents and gestational carriers has brought her to the agency to continue doing what she loves most!

Jessie Jaskulsky

waitlist concierge

Jessie is a former Intended Parent who had both of her daughters through surrogacy. As our waitlist concierge, she supports Intended Parents by reviewing profiles and sharing feedback with IPs, helping them with one of the most important components in the matching process of a surrogacy journey. She also works to ensure that the IPs on the waitlist have access to the services that they need by connecting them to support groups and ensuring they are taking advantage of all the resources the agency has to offer. Jessie truly understands firsthand how long the days feel when you are on the waitlist waiting to be matched with a surrogate and is available for emotional support and advocacy from someone who has been there.



Casandra is our screening coordinator, a former gestational surrogate, and mother of 3 amazing boys. She was born and raised in California, but has been on some pretty amazing adventures while following her husband’s Army career. She has lived in amazing places like Germany, North Carolina, and Hawaii. She become a surrogate in 2020 and got to help bring a precious little boy into the world for an amazing couple. Casandra knew she still wanted to be involved in the wonderful world of surrogacy and babies in general. So she started working towards her certifications as a labor and postpartum doula, along with helping screen prospective gestational carriers for Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia.



Kendra is one of our experienced case managers, working with both Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout their journey. She is married with a son and a daughter, and two dogs. Kendra has been a surrogate herself and delivered a healthy set of identical twin boys. She holds a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in Women’s Studies. She has completed her doula training and is trained as a birth doula and as a post partum doula. Kendra loves spending time with her family and their dogs, going to the beach, surfing, camping and cooking!



Lauren heads up our program coordination efforts. You’ll find her tracking all our agency insurance needs, ensuring contract compliance and working closely with our case managers to get policies in place. She also makes sure that Intended Parents and Surrogates take full advantage of all the special supports that we provide from financial counseling to health coaching and therapeutic supports. Along with a professional background in administration and program coordination, Lauren has also been a surrogate with our agency, delivering a healthy baby boy for her IPs in 2023.


Health Coaching

Christy provides health coaching to our gestational carriers throughout their surrogacy journey. From pre-transfer to postpartum recovery, she shares her knowledge of nutrition and mindfulness with our surrogates. Christy is a busy mom, health coach and founder of Dish You Well Health Coaching. Her passion for food started at a young age with cooking, creating recipes and of course eating. Christy never paid attention to, or even really valued the importance of proper nutrition until she was in her mid-20s. It was then that she experienced a weak immune system, anxiety, mood swings, digestive issues and PCOS. Her body was begging her to open her eyes and become aware of the changes that needed to be made. Fast forward 14 years later, zero signs of PCOS in sight, cycle is regular, anxiety still surfaces, but not nearly as much. Hers has been a journey filled with lots of small changes over the years. Eventually, Christy enrolled in the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Master Health Coach Certification. It is her true passion to help others live a full, healthy, happy life.



Prizzilla was born and raised in Southern California with her four siblings until she enlisted in the Army after high school. She left the Army after starting her family and dedicated her life to being a stay at home mom to her two kids. Prizzilla and her husband decided to stop having children of their own, and after seeing Hawaii Surrogacy Ambassador Gernisha Myers share her own surrogacy story, she decided to become a surrogate herself. She delivered a baby boy for her Intended Parents at the beginning of 2020. Prizzilla enjoys sharing her surrogacy experience through social media and heads up our marketing and outreach efforts across the Greater Philadelphia region.

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The Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia Experience

When you start a family through the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, you’re joining our family too. We’re with you every step of the way. From answering questions about each step of the gestational surrogacy process to being there with you during the birth and the days that follow.