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The Costs Of IVF Surrogacy

The fact you may not be able to conceive and carry a child by natural means might be a bit disappointing for you and your partner. Most people can certainly understand that kind of disappointment. However, you should keep your head up because all is not lost if you really want a child who is genetically tied to you and your partner.
To intended patents: assuming there are no issues related to your production of egg cells and your partner’s production of sperm, there is a process by which you can still have that genetic child whom you and your partner want so very much. The process is called “IVF Gestational Surrogacy.” Here is some very important and relevant information about the process.
In Vitro Fertilization


IVF gestational surrogacy is a process by which a surrogate is contracted to carry the IVF baby on behalf of the intended parent or parents. While any other form of the surrogate process might or might not provide a genetic connection to one of the parents, they don’t provide a genetic connection to both parents.

IVF and surrogacy do allow for both parents to have that coveted genetic connection to their child. The child is 50% the mom (egg cell) and 50% the dad (sperm cell). The only difference with the surrogacy pregnancy in this instance is a surrogate is contracted to carry the baby to term in her womb.


If you are interested in being a surrogate and serving much-deserving intended parents, an IVF surrogate pregnancy provides the best of everything for all concerned parties. You, as the surrogate, would be given the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of intended parents who might not otherwise have a chance at parenthood. You would also be entitled to compensation for your generosity.

Of course, you would have to meet certain criteria before you could be contracted to participate in a surrogate pregnancy. The criteria you would need to meet include:

Should you qualify to serve as a gestational surrogate, you would get compensation from the intended parents. In fact, much of the IVF surrogacy cost the intended parents would be paying would go to you. At our Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia facility, you would be entitled to a base fee of $35K ($40K if you are an experienced surrogate) and reimbursable expenses/fees of between $20K and $30K, depending on how the pregnancy progresses.

Most importantly, you would get undying gratitude from the intended parents you would be serving and an equally great sense of fulfillment for your sacrifices.


If biology is on your side as intended parents, the IVF surrogate process would be the next best thing to you carrying the child yourself. In fact, it could be argued that having a surrogate carry the child on your behalf would spare you having to risk the trauma of unsuccessful pregnancies.

Your main challenge would be finding a surrogate with whom you would feel comfortable. That’s very important to us because of the stress and emotional strain you might encounter as the surrogate pregnancy progresses. Your ability to connect and communicate with your chosen surrogate will help ensure the surrogate process goes as smoothly as possible.

Yes, there is a significant IVF surrogacy cost that you would need to pay. With that said, your investment would result in a beautiful IVF baby that is really yours regardless of who will carry and deliver the child. We’ll discuss the cost in the next section.


The IVF Surrogacy Cost

Before we offer details on the IVF surrogacy cost, it’s important to note that prices might vary from one state to the next and one fertility clinic to the next. Furthermore, the cost information we are about to provide should be considered provisionary at our Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia. To give you more precise estimates, please contact us.

Theoretically, we can divide your IVF surrogacy cost into two components. The first component would be the fee you would pay to our agency. You can expect that charge to be approximately $21K, barring any unusual circumstances. We would allow the facility’s fee to be paid in three (3) increments.

The rest of what you would pay would be approximately $55K to $65K and directed towards your chosen surrogate. For your benefit, here is a detailed listing of the approximate fees and reimbursables you would be expected to pay through escrow to the surrogate:

Again, all of these costs should be considered provisional until the surrogate contract is signed, sealed, and delivered. Also, there is a little bit of room for negotiation on some of the listed costs.

On behalf of the Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia, we can’t begin to express how much we admire the giving nature of our surrogate mothers. Their willingness to give of themselves in such a selfless manner is to be commended at the highest levels.

For the intended parents who might enlist our services, we want to ensure you we will do everything in our power to make your dream of parenthood come true. We fully realize that absent the ability to conceive and carry naturally, IVF surrogacy is the only other option for intended parents who want and need that genetic connection to their baby.

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