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How to Apply to Be a Surrogate Mother

While trying to decide whether or not you want to serve as a surrogate mother, it might make the decision easier to make if you knew the application process is very easy. In fact, our surrogate application in Philadelphia is available online, which means you can start addressing how to become a surrogate right from the comfort of your own home.

Since all of the surrogate application forms are online, it helps speed up the process of getting you into our queue as a prospective surrogate mother. Once we would have you approved and in the queue, your journey as a surrogate would get underway as soon as we could match you with the right intended parents.

By the way, we would be remiss to not mention how much we admire you for even considering serving others as a surrogate. Sadly, there are some very deserving people in the Philadelphia area who want so much to be parents, but for one reason or another, they can’t do that by natural means. The gift you would be giving as a surrogate is invaluable.


Processing the Surrogate Application in Philadelphia

As part of addressing how to become a surrogate in Pennsylvania, you first have to submit a fully completed online application for surrogate mother acceptance. All surrogate application forms have been devised as a means of giving fertility clinics like our Surrogacy Center of Philadelphia a starting point for evaluating your surrogacy qualifications.

As you fill out the online application, it’s vitally important that you be truthful and thorough about the information you would be providing. Remember, the information will be used to determine whether or not you can serve safely as a surrogate. Your safety and the future welfare of the intended parents and the baby depend on your honesty.


As you might imagine, most of the required information on the application will be focusing on your surrogacy qualifications. Our standards are high because of the importance of the process. For your information, here are the most important surrogacy qualifications:

Note: The above criteria represent the standards at our clinic. Some things may vary at other fertility clinics in the city/state/country.

What are the Surrogacy Qualifications Related to How to Become a Surrogate?


After reviewing your online application, you would be summoned for personal interviews. That gives us a chance to further evaluate your qualifications while also offering you a chance to ask questions and explain details. At some point, you would likely need to go through some level of medical and mental health testing to ensure everything is in good stead.

If all of your qualifications check all of our boxes, you would be given the opportunity to enter our database as an approved surrogate. You will have cleared the hardest part about how to become a surrogate in Pennsylvania. Assuming you would be good to move forward, we could begin the process of matching you with an intended parent or parents.


Our clients (intended parent or parents) will be making a substantial financial and emotional investment in the surrogacy process. That’s why we view the application for surrogate mother as so vitally important.

In our database, we maintain a registry of intended parents who are looking for the right surrogate. It’s crucial that all parties be comfortable with one another. After all, some surrogacy relationships will last for decades.

We start with a list of proposed matches, which the intended parent or parents will review. When they find a surrogate mother of interest, an in-person meeting is arranged. This meeting or meetings is designed to ensure total compatibility on both sides. Once a match is made, contracts can be signed and you, as the surrogate mother, would begin fertility drug treatments. That would be in preparation for the embryo transfer process after in vitro fertilization.

The Surrogate/Intended Parents Matching Process


On the surrogacy application, you will be asked if you want to serve as a traditional or gestational surrogate or both. In order to make a properly informed decision, you should understand the difference.

As a traditional surrogate, you would be required to supply the egg cell with the sperm coming from the intended father or a donor. To be clear, the intended mother would not have a genetic connection to the baby, you would.

With Gestational surrogacy, you would only be asked to carry the baby to term. The intended mother would provide the egg cell with the sperm coming from the intended father or a donor.


While filling out a surrogate application in Philadelphia, your potential compensation would certainly be at the top of your list of questions. To be transparent, you have the right to know that intended parents will be paying somewhere between $75k and $85K for the process.

While the surrogacy salary will vary from one Philadelphia fertility clinic to the next, we can speak only about our surrogate compensation package. Here is a list of items in our compensation package for surrogates. Note: The package includes a base surrogacy fee, plus extra fees and expense reimbursements.

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