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Top 8 Surrogacy Myths, Debunked

Gestational surrogacy is rising as many people and partners look to build their families in non-traditional ways. Many intended parents find that while they have the desire, the means, and the motivation, they land on a waiting list because there are far fewer qualified surrogates than intended parents. Some of this is due to nationwide trends in maternal health. More women have pre-existing conditions like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes that are further complicated by pregnancy. We also are seeing higher rates of postpartum depression. These physical and mental health concerns are disqualifiers for surrogacy.
While many women meet the health qualifications to become a surrogate and have a genuine curiosity, interest, and (sometimes) calling to become one, there are myths out there that prevent them from taking the leap. Here, we’ll discuss the most common myths we’ve heard from gestational carrier candidates who reach out to us or apply to become surrogates.

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