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The Ultimate Gift: A Look Inside Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a concept that has been gaining popularity in recent years, as many people who struggle with infertility turn to gestational carriers to help them start a family. It’s a beautiful journey that requires a selfless woman to carry a child for nine months and give the ultimate gift of parenthood. Here, we’ll take

How Does Surrogate Pregnancy Work?

As an intended parent or potential gestational carrier, deciding to pursue surrogacy can feel overwhelming. It’s natural to wonder about the similarities and differences between the types of surrogate pregnancies, the legalities, obligations, and the actual process of growing a baby or having someone grow a baby for you. Join us for Surrogate Pregnancy 101. 

Key Factors to Consider: Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy?

Ah, insurance. Everyone’s favorite topic. Finding providers, clinics, and sometimes, a live person for the most routine of procedures can feel like your sanity is being tested. So when you begin your surrogacy journey, and you consider the price tag, financial risk, and health risk of the surrogate, it’s natural to wonder what kind of

From Start to Finish: Understanding the Surrogacy Timeline

Maybe you, your partner, or someone you know is considering surrogacy, and you want to know how long the process takes from beginning to baby. Before laying out a general timeline, starting this process with realistic expectations is vital. It’s a surrogacy journey for both the intended parents and the surrogate. So, how long does

The Ultimate Guide: Communicating with Intended Parents Throughout the Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy is a life-changing experience for intended parents and surrogates alike. The key to a successful surrogacy journey is open communication and strong trust and understanding between the surrogate and intended parents. This means being transparent about your expectations, limitations, and concerns. It also means being a good listener and showing empathy towards the intended

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